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Professional HVAC Technicians at your service

Full commissioning service carried out by professionally trained, industry experienced technicians. Professional service is intangible, you have no idea it's worth until you are no longer receiving it. When you opt for Atlas Air as your corporate air conditioning service provider, you are assured outstanding service from a provider that takes pride in extraordinary customer support.

Our HVAC Technicians and service staff are specialists, responsive, thoughtful and experienced in your all your air conditioning needs.

At Atlas Air we provide individually tailored HVAC service and preventative maintenance contracts. Your company is unique and so is your heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. We will create customized HVAC maintenance plans to ensure that your units are running optimally. Our technicians will assist in creating customized reports to compliment your individually tailored service and maintenance contract. Right across the board we will ensure that we know what is going on and keep you informed. Our HVAC reports are created to ensure that units are running optimally and preventative measures can be put in place, before they become a problem. Nothing slips past us and we'll make sure it doesn't slip past you either.

Most companies in the Air Con industry operate only in HVAC projects or maintenance. Here at Atlas Air we specialize in all aspects of HVAC and can offer you a turnkey solution.