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Why HVAC maintenance from Atlas Air?

At Atlas Air we provide individually tailored service and HVAC maintenance contracts. Your company is unique and so are you heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. We will create customized HVAC maintenance plans to ensure that your units are running optimally.

Regular, monthly, preventative services and HVAC maintenance

We offer a range of solutions, according to your system's needs. We'll advise you on whether quarterly or monthly services are required.

Quarterly Services: For the optimal health of your HVAC system we highly recommend a minimum of 4 services a year. This plan would usually include 3 minor services, which take care of the small nitty gritties ,like filter cleaning, to avoid grime. You should also do at least one major service annually. This HVAC major service consists of a full chemical clean. It is a full overhaul of your system. Monthly services usually consist of 11 minor services and 1 major service. Your HVAC maintenance plan will depend on the type of site and the budget available. A lot of international companies require monthly services. For monthly services a technician can be placed on-site to deal with anything that pops up in real-time. We offer true preventative maintenance. Whether you're a small enterprises or a blue chip company, we can prevent problems.

Our HVAC reports are detailed monthly performance and data reports to keep you informed and in control. Our reports are customized to compliment your individually tailored service and maintenance contract. Right across the board we will ensure that you we know what is going on and keep you informed. Our HVAC reports are created to ensure that units are running optimally and preventative measures can be put in place, before they become a problem. Nothing slips past us and we'll make sure it doesn't slip past you either. Most companies in the Air Con industry operate only in HVAC projects or maintenance. Here at Atlas Air we specialize in both.

What does HVAC mean?

This is an industry acronym for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), which is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. Its goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. We won't help you with your vehicle, but will make sure your office, chiller plants, data centres and CRAC Units are running optimally.

Atlas Air aims to provide our clients with first world service by developing strong relationships and providing top-notch personalised communication structures. We employ environmentally friendly practices and procedures wherever possible and guarantee quality workmanship through service level agreements.

Atlas Air can offer a wide range of air conditioning equipment including, but not limited to Airedale, Samsung, York, LG, Mitsubishi and Daikin. In addition we are a proud supplier of the MacLaren console range of units. These units are environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient. We cater for direct sales as well as rental options, including installation and maintenance.

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